Sound effects and talking about sound

Join Cara and Martin as they record and create sounds using everyday objects and different materials… Although maybe not how they’d originally planned.

Rhythm, vocal and body sounds

It’s the Great Martian Bake Off! Martin almost sets the studio on fire… but Cara gets an idea about how her co-host’s love for bread can help them with rhythm.

Talking about music and songs

Music is made of lots of different elements that make up how it sounds, join Cara and Martin as they find out how to describe different pieces of music.

Singing and vocal sounds

Singing and vocal sounds are music and sounds created by the voice. Tune in to watch Martin step up to the mic - and discover all the ways one (very repetitive) phrase can be sung

Songwriting and instrumental sounds

What makes a great song? A catchy melody, rhyming lyrics and lots of crisps of course!

Vocal warm up

It's vocal warm up extravaganza! Join in to prepare for anything using your voice - it could be speaking, singing or just performing in general.