Describing your free time in German

There are lots of things you could do in your free time. To talk about what you like to do regularly, you will need to use the present tense. You have to conjugate the verb depending on who is doing the activity. Conjugate means changing the endings of a verb to match the person doing the action.

PronounRegular verb endingExample
ich-eich höre - I listen
du -stdu hörst - you listen
er-ter hört - he listens
sie-tsie hört - she listens
  • Ich gehe einkaufen - I go shopping.
  • Er geht auf soziale Medien - He goes on social media.
  • Sie geht ins Kino - She goes to the cinema.


Use the phrases in the slideshow below to talk about what you like to do.

Two people lay on the floor in a bright room watching television.

Ich sehe fern - I watch TV

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But what if you like sports?

Like in English, some sports use the verb to play (spielen).

  • Ich spiele Fußball - I play football.
  • Sie spielt Rugby - She plays rugby.

Some sports use the verb to go (gehen).

  • Ich gehe schwimmen - I go swimming.
  • Er geht Skateboard fahren - He goes skateboarding.

Some sports use the verb to do (machen).

  • Ich mache Leichtathletik - I do athletics.
  • Mein Bruder macht Karate - My brother does karate.

Click on this downloadable to see more sports and hobbies vocabulary.

Hobbies, sports and opinion phrases

Giving opinions

You can say whether you like or dislike doing something by using the adverb gern (like) and nicht gern (dislike). This comes after the verb:

  • Ich höre gern Musik - I like listening to music.
  • Ich sehe nicht gern fern - I don’t like watching TV.

You can give specific reasons by using denn (because) with adjectives.

  • Ich höre gern Musik, denn es ist unterhaltsam - I like listening to music because it is entertaining.
  • Ich sehe nicht gern fern, denn es ist langweilig - I don't like watching TV because it is boring.

You can also use opinion phrases like ich mag (I like), ich liebe (I love), ich hasse (I hate) and mein Lieblingssport ist (my favourite sport is):

  • Ich mag Skifahren - I like skiing.
  • Ich liebe Rugby - I love rugby.
  • Ich hasse Angeln, denn es ist langweilig - I hate fishing because it is boring.
  • Mein Lieblingssport ist Rugby, denn es ist spannend - My favourite sport is rugby because it is exciting.

Look at the adjectives in the table below. Can you write your own opinion sentences about your hobbies?

es macht Spaßit is fun (literally it makes fun)


Watch the video and test your understanding in this short quiz!

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