'Law and Order' (pt 1/8) - Truanting

Reference to historical types of punishment introduces a drama about law-breaking.

'Law and Order' (pt 2/8) - Causing damage

Two boys break the law by bunking off school and entering private property.

'Law and Order' (pt 3/8) - Cause and effect

A policeman explains the possible effects of spitting off a motorway bridge.

'Law and Order' (pt 4/8) - Shoplifting and litter

Two boys break several laws by truanting from school, shoplifting and dropping litter.

'Law and Order' (pt 5/8) - Underage drinking

Three teenage boys break several laws by drinking in public and cycling off recklessly.

'Law and Order' (pt 6/8) - Stealing a car

Three boys steal a car and go joyriding. A policeman explains the charges they face.

'Law and Order' (pt 7/8) - The effects of underage drinking

The narrator describes how alcohol can affect the body and the brain.

'Law and Order' (pt 8/8) - The Scottish Children's Reporter Administration

How the Children's Reporter Adminstration deals with anti-social behaviour and truancy.

Bilingual storytelling

Bilingual children translate a story from English into Punjabi and sign language.

Communicating with sign language

A report following a young deaf boy who uses sign language to communicate.