3D shapes used in a model village (signed)

Some of the common 3D shapes used in the construction of a model village.

Cubes and cuboids in the kitchen

The many different cube and cuboid shapes that can be found in a kitchen.

Dancers making shapes with fabric

A group of dancers manipulate a piece of cloth into different shapes.

Dancers making shapes with poles

A group of dancers manipulate poles into different shapes.

Demonstrating cubes and cuboids

A street performer demonstrates what a cube is to a group of children.

Describing the position of objects

An introduction to words that are useful when describing the position of an object.

Shape patterns and tessellation

A basic introduction to tessellation and different shape patterns.

Spheres, cubes and cuboids

An introduction to the properties and uses of spheres and cubes.

The 2D shape song

A song about 2D shapes and their properties.

The 3D shape song

A song about 3D shapes and their properties.

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