How to identify materials

Find out why we don't have chocolate mugs and woollen umbrellas by learning about the uses of different materials.

What is dissolving?

Find out how dissolving works and why some substances appear to disappear when you mix them with water.

What is separation?

Find out about the different methods of separation and how to use them to reverse a mixture.

What are irreversible changes?

Find out how to tell the difference between reversible and irreversible reactions.

What are the states of matter?

Find out about the difference between solids, liquids and gases.

What are freezing and melting?

Discover how water turns into ice and back again to water, through the processes of freezing and melting.

What is soil made from?

Find out about the main components of soil and how these affect its properties.

What is a rock?

Find out how igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks are formed.

Game - Junkateers

Use your science skills to help Jack, Sam and Jo with their mission to tidy up the planet in this cool free primary science game from BBC Bitesize.

24 Classroom videos

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