Game - Bud's Number Garden

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Ready to practise recognising numbers and counting?

Here’s a great educational game to play with your child if they are in their first year of school or want to have a taste of what they’ll be learning when they start. This maths game has been especially created with the support of Early Years experts to help your child learn whilst having fun.

With this game, children will be able to join Bud the bee, explore his magical garden and practise recognising numbers, counting, sequencing and much more! How many creepy crawlies are hiding in the leaf pile? How many eggs are left to hatch? There are some fun songs too! Ready to get exploring? Press play to start.

Want to enjoy the songs again?

Want to practise numbers some more? CBeebies have launched a brand new Numberblocks game in the Go Explore app.

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Game - Bud's Number Garden