Who was Dr. Martin Luther King?

This is Dr. Martin Luther King.

  • He lived over 60 years ago, and led the fight for equal rights for black people in America.

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Dr. Martin Luther King delivering a speech.

Key facts

  • Dr. Martin Luther King didn’t believe in using violence to change things. Instead, he gave powerful speeches and led peaceful protests.
  • Even so, he was arrested and sent to prison 29 times.
  • He never gave up the fight for equal rights, and made a real difference.

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Did you know?

  • When Dr. Martin Luther King was only six years old, he wasn’t allowed to play with his white friend. This made him very sad.
  • Dr. King was very clever. He skipped two years of school and went to university when he was 15.
  • In America there is a holiday called Martin Luther King Day. It takes place on a Monday close to his birthday - January 15.

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