Who was Guy Fawkes?

This is Guy Fawkes.

  • He took part in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, which aimed to blow up the Houses of Parliament to kill King James I and his government.

Find out more about him, below.

Key facts

  • Guy Fawkes was born in York, in 1570.
  • He wanted to kill the king because he thought that Catholics might then have better lives.
  • After he was caught, he was put in the Tower of London.

Did you know?

  • Guy Fawkes liked to be called 'Guido Fawkes'.
  • He didn’t actually lead the Gunpowder Plot. There were 13 people involved.
  • Bonfire night, on the 5th November every year, remembers Guy Fawkes and the failed Gunpowder Plot.
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