Who was Elizabeth Fry?

Elizabeth Fry smiling.

This is Elizabeth Fry.

She lived over 200 years ago and helped people in prisons.

Find out more about her, below.

Painting of Elizabeth Fry.

Key facts

  • Elizabeth Fry was religious and wanted to help people in need.
  • She is most remembered for her work helping people in prison. She visited prisons that were dark, dirty and dangerous. She believed that prisoners should be treated with kindness.
  • She also set up places where homeless people could get food and a place to sleep.

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Did you know?

  • Elizabeth Fry was a Quaker, a member of the Society of Friends, a Christian group.
  • Queen Victoria liked Elizabeth Fry and met her a few times. She gave Elizabeth money to help with her work.
  • Elizabeth had 11 children and 25 grandchildren!
Elizabeth Fry with Queen Victoria.

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