How to write a poem

A poem is made up of words and some words rhyme. Some poems have a fast rhythm, while others are slow.

What are rhyming words?

Rhyming words have the same sound. Help the chef cook up some rhymes.

What is a rhyme scheme?

Find out how to work out the rhyme scheme of a poem.

How to memorise a poem

There are different ways to remember a poem. You might picture parts of the poem, or use the rhythm of the words.

What are acrostic poems?

Find out how to write acrostic poems, where the first letter of each line spells a word.

What is a limerick?

The first, second and fifth lines of a limerick rhyme. The same goes for the third and fourth lines.

What are narrative poems?

Find out about narrative poems, a type of poem that tells a story.

What is a riddle?

A riddle is a type of puzzle, usually they are witty and have double meanings.

What is a nonsense poem?

Nonsense poems don't always make sense, they often use made up words, mixed up with real words.

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