Asking questions

Do you know how to ask questions in Irish? Learn some helpful words and phrases and test yourself on others you may already know!

To ask a question in Irish put the question first, then the rest of your sentence.

Always check that you are using the correct tense at the start of a sentence - are you asking someone about the past, present or future?

An ..... é?Is it...?
An dtig liom? / An féidir liom?Can I?
An dtig leat? / An féidir leat?Can you?
An maith leat?Do you like?
Cá fhad?How long?
Cá háit?Where?
Cá mhéad?How much / many?
Cad é mar?How?
Cad é / cén?What?
Cad é / iad?What is / are?
Cárb as?From where?
Cé acu?Which?
Cén fáth? / Cad chuige?Why?
Cén sórt / cineál?What type?
Cén t-am? / Cad é an t-am?What time?
Cén uair? / Cá huair?When?

Ceisteanna coitianta

Common questions

Now that you've read over the question forms above, let's start putting them to use.

Look at the slideshow below to see some questions you will have started to become familiar with in learning Irish.

Cad é mar atá tú?

How are you?

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