Counting from 1 - 10

Do you love to count? We love it. Let's count together.

Counting from 10 - 20

We love to count. Can you count with us from 10 to 20 and then all the way back down again?


We use numbers to count things that are the same. Like three of something or four of something. Then we can place them into sets.

Ordinal Numbers

We use numbers to describe what order things come in. Like 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last.

How to order numbers

Find out how to order of numbers from one to ten.

How do you order by size?

Find out about putting things in order by size, whether they are small or large.

What are odd and even numbers?

Find out about odd and even numbers and how to tell them apart.

How to count with tens and ones

Find out how to count using place value headings for tens and ones.

What is addition?

Learn about the equals sign and how to add numbers together.

What is subtraction?

Subtraction is when you find the difference between two values. Find out how to subtract one number from another.

What are number bonds?

Learn about the number bonds of 10 and 20 and how to use them.