Acid rain and its effects on the surrounding environment

A discussion about the causes of acid rain and attempts to reduce its impact.

Adaptation of walia ibex in finding a niche habitat

Walia ibex live on sheer cliffs in Ethiopia and have adapted to survive on steep cliffs.

Adaptation: animal and plant

An introduction to the adaptations of some marine and terrestrial animals and plants.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

The greenhouse effect and the importance of balancing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Cells, tissues and organs in plants

Specialised cells in plants are organised into tissues, organs and systems.

Food chains and food webs

Simple food webs, food chains, population changes and their effects on food webs.

Fossil fuels and the environment

An investigation into the use of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment.

How commercial growers improve crop yield

How farmers manipulate growing conditions to improve quality and yield in crops.

How oil spills damage wildlife and the environment

The Exxon Valdez oil spill demonstrates the effects of pollution on the environment.

Natural and artificial selection in racehorses

Advantages of selective breeding in race horses.

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