Who was Christopher Columbus?

This is Christopher Columbus. He lived over 500 years ago.

He is remembered as a famous explorer.

Find out more about him, below.

Key facts

  • Christopher Columbus was a sailor. His first voyage nearly ended in disaster as his ship was attacked and set on fire by pirates! Columbus only survived by swimming to land.
  • He became famous as the explorer who found new lands called ‘The Americas’. But actually, many people already lived there.
  • He found the Americas by accident! He was actually looking for a new way to get to China and India.

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Did you know?

  • Christopher Columbus is his name in English but he was born in Italy in 1451, so his real name in Italian is Cristoforo Colombo.
  • Columbus wasn’t popular with his crew. They left him on the island of Jamaica. He nearly starved as the people on the island didn’t give him food.
  • He brought back pineapples and turkeys from America.

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