What jobs did the Shang people do?

Find out what working in the Shang Dynasty was like

Which job might you have done during the Shang Dynasty?

Are you creative?

Do you like making things, drawing and painting? Are you a patient person who loves trying new things?

You might have been a jade carver. Jade carvers would spend a long time making detailed jewellery from the pale green stone, jade. It's a job that would suit someone who likes art.

Are you confident?

Are you the leader of your friends? Do they ask for your advice and you help them? Do you like making up new games for you all to play?

You might have been a king. The king had to make difficult decisions. People would rely on the king's advice and looked up to him. It's a job which would suit a confident person.

Are you active?

Are you really sporty? Do you like running, climbing and playing games outside? Can you not sit still for very long?

You might have been a soldier. Soldiers had to be very brave. They fought using spears and bows and arrows - there weren't any guns or cannons. This job would suit someone who is very sporty.

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