Your school

Here are some useful school phrases to learn:

Comment s’appelle ton collège? - What is your school called?

Mon collège s’appelle... - My school is called...

Décris ta journée au collège - Describe your school day

To describe a day at school you could say:

J’arrive au collège à... - I arrive at school at...

Je parle avec mes copains - I talk to my friends

Je vais en classe - I go into class

J’écoute le professeur - I listen to the teacher

Je travaille avec l’ordinateur - I work on the computer

Je mange à la cantine - I eat in the canteen

Je joue avec mes copains - I play with my friends

J’écris dans mon cahier - I write in my jotter

Je lis mon livre - I read my textbook

Je rentre à la maison à... - I go home at...

Present tense

School subjects

To find out someone's favourite school subject, ask:

Quelle est ta matière préférée? - What is your favourite subject?

To tell your favourite subject, say:

Ma matière préférée c’est... - My favourite subject is...

Ma matière préférée c’est la musique - My favourite subject is music.
School subjects - vocabulary list

Giving opinions

To find out what someone thinks about a subject, ask:

... c’est comment? - What is ... like?

Les maths c’est comment? - What is maths like?

To give your opinion you could say:

Bof - It's not bad

Ça va - It's alright


Use C’est - It's :

ennuyeux - boring

barbant - really boring

génial - brilliant

intéressant - interesting

nul - rubbish

ok - ok

facile - easy

difficile - difficult

super - fantastic


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