Holidays in the future

Asking about holidays

To find out about someone's holiday you can ask:

Où vas-tu en vacances? - Where are you going on holiday?

Avec qui? - Who with?

Pour combien de temps? - For how long?

Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire? - What are you going to do?

Talking about holidays

To talk about your holidays you can start off by saying:

Je vais... – I’m going...

Nous allons... – We’re going...

...and then add in where you are going:

  • au bord de la mer - to the seaside
  • au Parc Disneyland - to Disneyland Paris
  • à la montagne - to the mountains
  • à la campagne - to the countryside
Nous allons au bord de la mer

Going to a city?

Use à:

  • à Paris - to Paris
  • à Londres - to London

Going to a country?

Use en (for feminine countries), au (for masculine countries) or aux (for plural countries):

  • En Espagne - to Spain
  • Au Canada - to Canada
  • Aux États-Unis - to the USA

As you might have noticed, in order to talk about a future holiday you'll need to use the correct form of the verb aller.

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Je vais à Paris. J'y vais avec ma famille

Giving more details

To talk a little more about your holiday you can say:

J’y vais avec...

I'm going (there) with...

ma famille - my family

mes copains - my friends

mes parents - my parents

mon père et ma belle-mère - my dad and stepmother



un week-end - a weekend

une semaine - a week

dix jours - ten days

quinze jours - a fortnight (in French you say 'fifteen days')

un mois - a month

Je vais faire...

I'm going to do / go...

du camping - camping

de la natation - swimming

des pique-niques - picnicking

Je vais jouer...

I'm going to play...

au foot - football

au golf - golf

au badminton - badminton

When talking about sports/hobbies, the verb jouer is always followed by au and the verb faire is always followed by du/de, la or des.

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Holidays in the past

To talk about a holiday you've already taken you will have to use the perfect tense.

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