Identifying main points and ideas in a text

At the Children’s Centre, the assistant reads the weekly planning sheet to decide what activities she will do with her children that morning.

Using specialist words and expressing opinions with evidence

At snack time, the assistant checks for ingredients that the children with allergies cannot eat. A child brings a potentially dangerous snack in from home.

Writing a letter using emotive language, direct address and repetition

The assistant wants to draft a letter home about dangerous snacks. With her colleague's help, she looks at previous letters to decide what is the most effective approach.

Using headings, bullet points and making the text flow

A childcare assistant prepares a presentation to staff about a recent training course she attended. She answers questions after presentation. Her colleague types up notes after.

Using modal verbs and giving information clearly

The childcare assistants are writing their end of year reports for the children. Becky finds information to share with a child's mother when they discuss the child's progress.