Berlin Beats - Pronunciation

Learn about some differences in the pronunciation of words between German and English.

Berlin Beats - Genders: der, die or das?

Learn about the three genders (feminine, masculine and neuter) in German.

Berlin Beats - Expressing opinions

Explaining how to conjugate the verb 'to like' in German, and how adding descriptors to the verb can add to its meaning.

Berlin Beats - Asking questions

An explanation of question words and the order of sentences when asking questions in German, plus a disucssion on the proper uses of 'Sie' and 'Du'.

Berlin Beats - Using adjectives and conjunctions

Learn how to make use of adjectives and conjunctions in German, making sentences more interesting.

Berlin Beats - Inverting verbs and word order

Learn about the importance of sentence structure in German. The verb must usually be the second item in a sentence, and the subject and verb must always stay together.

Berlin Beats - The verb 'sein' (to be)

An explanation of how to conjugate the verb 'To be' in German, in the present, past and future tenses.

Berlin Beats - The verb 'haben' (to have)

Discover how to conjugate the verb 'To have' in German, in the present, past and future tenses.

Berlin Beats - Conjugating regular verbs

When conjugating regular verbs in German, the person doing the verb needs to match up with the verb ending.

Berlin Beats - The perfect tense

The perfect tense in German means to have done something. To form it you use 'the person + haben + past participle'.