Spanish: Food and drink

Food and drink is a big part of Spanish culture.

Many dishes come in the form of listen tapas, which are small portions that everyone shares.

Here are some dishes that you may find on a menu:

listen el panbread
listen el pescadofish
listen la pizzapizza
listen la paellapaella

Describing your favourite food in Spanish

To describe your favourite food in Spanish, you can use the verb listen gustar, which means ‘to like’.

To say ‘I like’, use listen me gusta, for example:

  • listen Me gusta el pan - I like bread

  • listen Me gusta la pizza - I like pizza


Some foods need to be plural because there are more than one.

In this case, it’s important to use the correct article.

For plurals, instead of listen la use listen las and instead of listen el use listen los, for example:

  • listen las patatas fritas - chips

  • listen las verduras - vegetables

  • listen los bocadillos - sandwiches

When saying what you like in plural, use listen me gustan, for example:

  • listen Me gustan las patatas fritas - I like chips

  • listen Me gustan los bocadillos - I like sandwiches

Ordering at a restaurant in Spanish

You can try out your new vocabulary at a Spanish restaurant.

The verb ‘to eat’ in Spanish is listen comer.

You can ask someone what they’re eating by saying listen ¿Qué comes?

To answer, you can use the verb listen querer (to want).

To say ‘I would like’ use listen quisiera.

Try ordering some of the food and drinks below:

listen el pescadofish
listen el pollo asadoroast chicken
listen la frutafruit
listen el helado ice cream
listen el aguawater
listen el zumo de naranjaorange juice

Here are some examples of how to order in Spanish:

  • listen Quisiera pescado - I would like the fish

  • listen Quisiera fruta - I would like the fruit

  • listen Quisiera agua - I would like water

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