Alien figure drawing in the style of Keith Haring

How to make a Keith Haring inspired picture by drawing figure outlines.

Animal heads on human bodies

How to make a digital photo of someone with their pet’s head attached to their own body.

Banksy-style stencilling

Create a Banksy-style stencilled image with just a paper plate, scissors, paint and a brush.

L.S. Lowry in his own words

A light-hearted introduction to the life and works of L.S. Lowry.

Landscape drawing with Ken Done

Ken Done shows Kirsten O'Brien how he captures landmarks and places that inspire his work.

Make a living portrait of yourself

How to make a living portrait, where the artist’s own face becomes part of the picture.

Make a Mondrian inspired wallet

Make a folded paper wallet covered with boldly coloured designs in the style of Mondrian.