Animals that lay eggs

A look at different birds and animals that lay eggs.

Do baby animals look like their parents?

How and why some baby animals look like their parents and some do not.

Explanation - Growing seeds

Children grow seeds and then visit a farm to see radishes grown and harvested.

Growth and change (clip compilation)

All living creatures are born, grow, reproduce and change over time.

Healthy plant growth

A description of the requirements for healthy plant growth and a time-lapse sequence.

Horse giving birth

Footage of a horse giving birth to a foal.

How does fruit grow?

A discussion about the conditions needed by strawberries for healthy growth.

How we change as we grow older

A montage of shots showing how our features change as we age.

Human reproduction

The development of a foetus from fertilisation to implantation and growth in the womb.

Life cycles (clip compilation)

A montage on the theme of life cycles.

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