How are Lords selected for the House of Lords?

An overview of how members are selected and the work they do once they become members.

How does the political system work in the UK?

An overview of institutions in the UK political system, such as the Houses of Parliament.

How MPs are elected to UK parliament

The First Past the Post voting system is used for elections to the House of Commons.

Insider pressure groups

Three case studies explain the influence of pressure groups on Scottish government.

Meet the civil servant

A discussion on the role and unseen work of the civil service.

Outsider pressure groups

The use of direct action by pro-hunting pressure groups.

The influence of social media in politics

Does social media get us and our views closer to the politicians?

The influence of the media

An examination of the relationship between the media and politicians.

Trade unions at Kvaerner Govan

A series of BBC news items summarising the sequence of events in an industrial dispute.

What are the differences between political systems in Scotland and the UK?

A comparison between the responsibilities of Scottish parliament and the UK parliament.

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