Looks at the physics of acceleration at National 5 level of the Scottish curriculum.

Conservation of energy - electrical

Efficiency in electrical items reduces energy being lost during energy transfers

Conservation of energy - physical

A pendulum swing showing a simple example of mechanical conservation of energy

Newton's First Law

Newton's First Law - objects remain still/moving unless acted upon by an unbalanced force

Newton's Second Law

Newton's Second Law which describes the relationship between force, mass and acceleration

Newton's Third Law

Explaining Newton's Third Law of every action having an equal and opposite reaction

Projectiles - horizontal motion

See how gravity affects an object's horizontal motion when an object is thrown or rolled

Projectiles - vertical motion

See how gravity affects an object's vertical motion when either thrown upwards or dropped

Satellite orbit

Understand why satellites stay in orbit and the various distances they are above earth


The difference between the speed and velocity of an object and how to calculate each

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