'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' in Spanish

Some Spanish children sing an animal song, Old MacDonald, in Spanish.

At a bakery in Spain

Two children visit their favourite bakery and buy a selection of cakes.

At a museum in Spain

A visit to 'Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias'.

At home in Spain

We take a look around Angela's house when she and a friend return home after school.

Celebrating a birthday in Spain

Llorens is celebrating his birthday with friends and family.

In a Spanish school

Spanish children show us around their school in the suburbs of Valencia.

In a Spanish village

Spanish children show us around a town near Valencia and visit a market.

In the city of Valencia

How does living in Valencia compare with living in the countryside?

Karting in Spain

Spanish children visit a famous race circuit in Valencia to watch a karting race.

On the beach in Spain

Spanish children go on a trip to the beach.