A - Z of jobs that don't require a degree

You may think that university is not for you.

But there are lots of jobs you can do without a degree.

Here's 26 weird and wonderful examples from A, all the way down to Z!

AGRONOMIST Agronomists advise farmers on soil management and crop production.

BREWER Brewery workers prepare ingredients, monitoring the brewing process.

COUNTRYSIDE OFFICER Countryside officers manage, protect and improve the rural environment.

DECONTAMINATION SCIENCES TECHNICIAN Decontamination sciences technicians provide sterilised equipment to hospital theatres and departments.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN An emergency medical technician works as part of the emergency and urgent care team.

FORESTER Forestry workers manage trees, plants and the environment in forests and woodland.

GEOSPATIAL TECHNICIAN Geospatial technicians collect data to create maps and update satellite navigation systems.

HEALTH PLAY SPECIALIST Health play specialists use therapeutic play activities to help children cope when in hospital.

IT SUPPORT OFFICER IT technical support officers monitor and maintain and organisation's computer systems and networks.

JETTY OPERATOR The jetty operator is responsible for efficient and effective operation of the jetty plant and equipment.

KENNEL ASSISTANT Kennel attendants schedule boarding appointments and provide daily care for dogs in their kennel.

LIGHTING TECHNICIAN Electrical lighting technicians rig stage and sets and control electric lights for entertainment, TV and film.

MATERNITY SUPPORT Maternity support workers help midwives and the mother before and during a birth.

NUCLEAR MAINTENANCE FITTER A nuclear maintenance fitter is a member of a team preparing work areas of nuclear plants and sites.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTANT Occupational therapy assistants offer support to help people overcome physical day-to-day problems.

PHLEBOTOMIST Phlebotomists take blood samples that are examined in a laboratory to diagnose diseases and conditions.

QUARRY ENGINEER Quarry engineers explore new sites, oversea extraction operations and manage used quarry sites.

RANGER Rangers maintain paths, gates, stiles etc, and provide a contact between visitors and the park authority.

SAFETY OFFICER A safety officer provides safety management, advice, monitoring and reporting in the workplace.

TELECOMMS ENGINEER Telecommunications engineers fit and maintain phone and internet systems.

UNDERTAKER Undertakers arrange funerals liaising with family and church or crematorium and transferring the body.

VETERINARY NURSE Veterinary nurses provide care for sick animals, helping out with surgical procedures and other work.

WEB DESIGNER Web designers use creative and technical skills to build new websites and redesign existing ones.

XRAY TECHNICIAN X-Ray or radiography assistants help radiographers with their day to day duties.

YACHT SKIPPER A yacht skipper is the person in command of a boat and its crew and guests.

ZOO KEEPER Zookeepers look after animals in zoos, safari parks, aquariums and sometimes in the wild.