Many things, like the weather, can't be predicted with total confidence - but that's where probability comes in.

Maths in real life

Find out some of the many situations where you might need to use maths in real life!

Problem solving

Find out different problem solving techniques to help you in maths and numeracy.

What is column addition?

How can column addition be used to make adding numbers easier?

How to use column subtraction

Number columns allow you to take large numbers and subtract one from another.

How to add and subtract in your head

Take a look at how to use mental methods for addition and subtraction.

How to multiply and divide by 0, 1, 10 and 100

Using place value columns is a great way to multiply and divide. Give it a try.

How to multiply in your head

Take a look at how to use mental methods for multiplication.

Using number lines for division

Take a look at how to use number lines for division.

How to work out division with remainders

How do you work out division problems that have remainders?

Using written methods for short division

Take a look at how to use mental methods for multiplication.

How to solve maths problems

Find out how you can use maths to solve your problems.

How to solve missing number problems

Take a look at a missing number problem and see how they are solved.

What is the order of operations?

Find out how the order of operations shows you which bit of a calculation to do first.

What is a number sequence?

Discover how numbers can be connected in a pattern and see if you can solve the puzzle.

How to partition a number

Find out how partitioning a number can help you solve tricky maths problems.

How to round numbers

Discover how to round a number to the nearest ten or hundred and why this can be helpful.

How to round decimal numbers

Rounding numbers can be a useful way to estimate a total. Find out how to round decimals to different significant figures.

How to use estimation to check your answers

Find out about different ways to estimate and check your work.

What is an equation?

Take a look at how equations can be used to solve maths problems.

How to add and subtract fractions

Have a go at adding and subtracting fractions with matching and different denominators.

How to multiply fractions

Join the gang at the fairground to find out how to multiply fractions and calculate proportion.

How to simplify fractions

Find out how you can simplify fractions by dividing the numerator and denominator by the same number.

Maths of the Day: Football Fractions

Gary Lineker from Match of the Day challenges you to answer three questions about fractions.

What is a percentage?

What does percentage mean? How can part of something be shown as a percentage?

How to calculate percentage

Find out a simple way to work out the percentage of a number.

What is a ratio?

Discover how you can use ratio to show the relation between two values.

How to convert between ratios, fractions and percentages

Find out about the relationship between fractions, percentages and ratio.

Maths of the Day: Roaring Ratios

Gary Lineker from Match of the Day challenges you to answer two questions about ratios.

How to collect data

Take a look at a really simple way to collect data.

How to use a simple data table

Take a look at a really quick and easy way to display simple data.

How can data be displayed?

Take a look at some other ways to visualise data.

How to find the mean, median, mode and range

Mode, median and mean are three types of average. The range is the difference between the biggest and the smallest number. Find out more.

What is probability?

Find out how likely something is to happen and how this can be expressed as fractions, decimals or percentages.