Alexander II's brutality in the creation of Scotland

The brutality of Alexander II in forcing the unification of Scotland.

Claimants to the Scottish throne

King Edward I of England decides the future of the Scottish crown at Norham.

Colours on the Welsh flag

Why is there green and white on the Welsh flag?

Death of King James II of Scotland

The death of James II left James III, a boy king, in charge of Scotland.

Edward I and Caernarfon castle

Castle building by Edward I in medieval Wales.

Henry VII wins at the Battle of Bosworth

Reconstruction of the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

James I and Scotland's role in the 100 Year War

Scotland's support for France in the 100 Year War and how Henry V used James I.

James III of Scotland

How and why James III is viewed as Scotland's first renaissance king.

Kenneth MacAlpine, King of Pictland

A look at Kenneth MacAlpine, the king of the Picts.

King Edward I, the Toom Tabard and the Ragman Rolls

King Edward I invaded Scotland in 1291 and dethroned King John.

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