Clara 'Ma' Copley

Clara 'Ma' Copley was a boxing promoter in Belfast in the early 20th Century.

Lilian Bland

Lilian Bland was the first woman in the world to design and build her own aeroplane.

Anne Crawford Acheson

Anne Crawford Acheson used her artistic talent to help wounded soldiers in the First World War.

Annie Maunder

Annie Maunder was an astronomer who captured the longest coronial streamer (a ray like structure coming out from the sun) on record.

William McCrum

William McCrum invented the penalty kick.

Oliver Pollock

Oliver Pollock is credited with inventing the US dollar sign.

Mary Ann McCracken

Mary Ann McCracken was a social reformer in the 18th Century

Samuel McGaughey

Sir Samuel McGaughey was a sheep farmer and philanthropist who had the nickname 'the sheep king'.

Mary Mallon

Mary Mallon was also known as'Typhoid Mary' as she unknowingly carried typhoid and infected many people.

Barney Hughes

Barney Hughes was a successful baker and philanthropist who invented the'Belfast bap'

Kennedy Kane 'Ken' McArthur

Kennedy Kane McArthur won Gold in the marathon at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics

James Martin

James Martin invented the ejector seat.

John Clarke

John Clarke was known as 'the potato wizard'.

Dr Elizabeth Bell

Dr Elizabeth Bell was one of the first female doctors in Ireland, a feminist and advocate for women’s rights.

John McAlery

John McAlery introduced association football to Ireland.