How to make a Spanish fan

What is a Spanish fan?

The first Spanish fans (listen abanicos) were crafted in the 17th century. They were originally hand-painted for noblemen and royalty. Today they are used in the Spanish dance style flamenco.

How do you make a Spanish fan?

You will need:

  • an A4 sheet of thin card (listen una cartulina)
  • a pair of safety scissors (listen tijeras)
  • coloured pencils (listen lápices de colores)

  • Other materials for decoration

These could include:

  • paints (listen pinturas)
  • feathers (listen plumas)
  • sequins (listen lentejuelas)
  • beads (listen cuentas)


  1. Print out (listen imprimir) the template (listen plantilla) onto an A4 sheet of thin card.

  2. Carefully cut out (listen cortar) the cards along the dotted lines.

  3. Decorate (listen decorar) the fan however you like.

  4. Fold (listen doblar) the card back and forward into a fanfold. Pinch at the base to form a handle.

If you don't have a printer, why not try tracing the template?

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Click below to download the instructions and template

Make your own...Spanish fan!

Key Spanish words

listen abanicos fans
listen una cartulinaa piece of card
listen tijerasscissors
listen lápices de colorescoloured pencils
listen pinturaspaints
listen decorarto decorate
listen bailarto dance
listen cantarto sing
listen la musicamusic