What happens to the food we eat?

Find out what our human body does with the food that we eat.

What happens to the food we eat?

  • Our body breaks food down into tiny pieces.
  • It keeps the things from food that we need.
  • It gets rid of things from food that we can’t use.

We call all of this digestion.

How does it work?

Food moves through different parts of our body:

  • The mouth has teeth and saliva that help mash up your food.
  • The stomach has acid that kills germs and breaks food down more.
  • The small intestine takes out the bits of food that the body can use - like vitamins and proteins. It sends these around the body in the bloodstream.
  • The large intestine then takes water out of the food for the body to use.
  • What is left is waste. You get rid of this when you go to the toilet!