Living conditions for the Irish in Scotland

The views of a Glasgow doctor on the living conditions of the Irish immigrant population.

Overpopulation in Ireland

How the division of land meant many Irish people lived on the brink of starvation.

Public works in Ireland in response to the Potato Famine

The government responded to the famine by setting up manual labour programmes.

Reasons for emigration of Scottish farmers

Factors leading to the emigration of Scottish farmers during the 19th century.

Sailing away from Scotland

How Scottish emigrants sailed to their new homes and the conditions that they endured.

Scottish emigrants in the USA and Canada

A review of the varied experiences of Scottish emigrants in the USA.

Scottish Emigration 1830s-1930s

Scottish emigration from the 1830s in the context of push and pull factors.

Scottish emigration to North America

The factors that encouraged large numbers of Scots to emigrate to North America.

The Irish labour force in Scotland

Two audio extracts quote the views of Scottish employers about Irish workers.

The Irish Potato Famine

Brief contemporaneous reports describe the effects of the Irish Potato Famine.