How to work out a percentage of an amount

A one-minute video showing you how to work out a percentage of an amount using bar models.

How to work out the percentage of an amount

Question written on a whiteboard

STEP 1 - DRAW TWO BARS: Write out the problem and circle the key information. Here it is the percentage you want to find, 20%, and the weight of the chocolate, 70 g...

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Using bar models

Have you used a bar model in maths before?

A bar model can help you picture maths concepts and solve problems.

The two bars represent two amounts.

In the activity below the top green bar shows the weight in grams and the bottom purple bar shows the percentage of the amount as a decimal.

Dragging the orange handle on the purple bar to the 0.50 marker will automatically move the green bar above it to reveal the weight.

Drag the handle in the activity below to find out the answer.

Drag the orange handle to change the percentage.