What are carbohydrates?

Learn about carbohydrates from Team GB cyclist Mark Stewart.

What is a healthy diet?

Find out how a healthy diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as protein and energy.

What are lipids, oils and fats?

Discover how lipids, oils and fats play an important part in your diet - and ice-cream making - in this KS3 Biology article.

What are vitamins and minerals?

Find out why vitamins and minerals are essential substances found in our diet.

What is digestion?

Learn how the digestive system breaks food down into forms that the body can use.

What is poo?

Learn about poo in this KS3 guide.

How to model digestion using tights

Learn how to model digestion using a pair of tights.

What is protein?

Learn about protein in this guide

What is dietary fibre?

Dietary fibre is found in food. Find out about its important role in digestion.

What is food energy?

Discover what food energy is and how knowledge of it can help you perform better.

What is starch?

A visual explanation of starch.

How to turn starch into glucose

A simple, step-by-step, visual guide showing you how to turn starch into glucose inside your mouth.

8 class clips

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