How do you make a good app?

The application programs that run on tablets and smartphones are called ‘apps’.

Normally apps are programs that have simple functions and they may only do one or two things. Games are very popular apps but you can also have messaging apps, photo apps, health apps etc.

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Concept - what is your app for?

If you want to make your own app, you need to come up with an idea first. You have to decide what you want your app to do.

Don’t worry if you aren't sure how to make the app yet, the idea is the really important bit.

What will your app do? Who will be using it? How is it different from all the other apps out there?

Planning - how are you going to do it?

Once you have your idea, you will need to plan how you are going to make your app.

First, make a draft of how you want the app to work. Then start to explore the algorithms that your app will need to follow.

You could break down the app into all the different things needed to make it work. What text and images will you need? Will you include video? How will you navigate or control the app?

Platform - which devices can use it?

All devices need an operating system in order for them to work. This software controls the basic functions of your device and is needed to run applications.

When you are planning you need to think about what operating system your app will run on. The three most common ones for mobile and tablets are iOS, Android and Windows.

Will it be built to run on iOS, Android or Windows? Apps are normally designed to work on only one platform, so an app built for iOS will not work on Android, and vice versa.

Alternatively, your app could be web-based. Then it could just be a small website and any device that can access the internet could use it.

Building your app

You’ll need to learn a programming language to write the code for your app.

This would be Objective C or Swift for iOS, Java for Android or HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a web-based app. You don't need to be an expert. There are tools that make coding an app a bit easier.

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