A balloon trip in the Pyrenees

A description of a balloon trip experience in the Pyrenees.

A bed and breakfast in the south of France

An interview with a chambre d'hôte owner about the way she communicates with her guests.

Are you good at sports?

Enemies Maxime and Docteur Némésis demonstrate their sporting abilities.

Asking for personal details – interrogating the enemy

Maxime interviews Docteur Némésis about his identity.

Dakar et l'esclavage

An introduction to Dakar in Senegal, including historical facts about slavery in the past.

Homeless? No, I am a secret agent.

Maxime interviews a homeless man about his life in the park.

I really do live in Rennes!

Agent “W” wants to transfer some papers but is asked to prove her identity.

Is this a school for spies?

Maxime has a mission to transform himself into a British school-boy.

Le sport

An introduction to different sports and people talking about the sports they take part in.

Part-time jobs and pay

Docteur Némésis’ henchmen talk about their poor pay and other jobs that they have done.