Aboriginal wildlife paintings

Traditional Aboriginal art being made and how it is representative of their environment.

Banksy-style stencilling

Create a Banksy-style stencilled image with just a paper plate, scissors, paint and a brush.

Cubist 3D painting on an egg box

How to paint any image in Picasso’s Cubist style on an egg box.

L.S. Lowry in his own words

A light-hearted introduction to the life and works of L.S. Lowry.

Make an underwater cling film picture

How to make a picture with a watery appearance using cling film, stencils and paints.

Making a 3D cell picture

How to make a 3D cell picture which can also be used for animation.

Making a glow-in-the-dark elephant

A giant luminous elephant shape is made using a pipe, fluorescent dye. and a black light

Pablo Picasso

A dramatized autobiography of the artist Pablo Picasso, talking about his inspiration.

Paint a cityscape using a library card

Making a cityscape by scraping paint and adding light dots for a night-time skyline effect.

Paint a wall in an explosive style

A room with plain white walls is transformed by throwing brightly coloured paint at them.