Who was Marie Curie?

This is Marie Curie.

  • She was a world-famous scientist.
  • She lived over 100 years ago.

Find out more about her, below.

Marie Curie lived over 100 years ago and was a world-famous scientist.

Key facts

  • Marie Curie did lots of important work in science.
  • She discovered radioactivity.
  • During World War One, she helped to put x-ray machines in ambulances. This helped doctors to see where bullets were in the body of a soldier.

Can you remember what happened in Marie Curie's life? Try the activity below.

Did you know?

  • Marie’s daughter, Irene, also became a famous scientist and was awarded the Nobel prize for Chemistry.
  • The clothes Marie wore in her laboratory were the ones she wore when she married Pierre.
  • Her notebooks are still too dangerous to touch. You need to wear special clothes to read them because of radioactivity.

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