Battle of the Forth Road Bridge

The problems faced by the SNP to build a new Forth Road Bridge.

Community councils

Local Authorities use community councils to gauge public opinion on existing services.

Holyrood - Scotland's Parliament

Workings of the Scottish Parliament are described by the leaders of all five parties.

How are councillors elected in Scotland?

The Single Transferable Vote system is used to elect local councillors in Scotland.

How does the political system work in the UK?

An overview of institutions in the UK political system, such as the Houses of Parliament.

How important is public opinion?

The influence of public opinion on shaping government legislation.

How MSPs are elected to Scottish parliament

An explanation of the Additional Member System used for elections to Scottish parliament.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Free personal care

The implementation of free personal care for older people in Scotland.

How the Scottish Parliament works - Gypsy travellers

The response of the Scottish Parliament to the demands of a section of society.

Insider pressure groups

Three case studies explain the influence of pressure groups on Scottish government.

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