What toys and games were played in Roman times?

Many of the toys and games we enjoy today date from Roman times.

What was education like in Roman times?

Only boys from well off families were educated in Roman times.

What was everyday life as a Roman soldier like?

A Roman soldier could spend up to 25 years serving in the army.

What were the Romans' religious beliefs?

The Romans worshipped a number of different gods.

Where did the Romans come from?

The Roman army was made up of soldiers from a number of places around the Roman Empire.

Why did Julius Caesar come to Britain?

Julius Caesar and the Roman army's invasion of Britain

Why did the Romans build walls?

Roman walls were built to protect themselves from enemy tribes in the north.

Why did the Romans come to Caledonia?

The Romans wanted to expand their Empire into Scotland.

Why did the Romans leave Caledonia?

A look at the tactical reasons for the Roman retreat from Caledonia.