Scotland before the Romans

In Roman times, the area now known as Scotland was called ‘Caledonia’. But who lived there? What did they wear? Where did they live and how did they survive?

The Roman army

The Romans needed a powerful army to invade foreign lands and defend their empire. But what exactly made the Roman army so successful?

The first Roman invasion of Scotland

The Romans invaded Caledonia (Scotland) in 79 AD. Caledonian tribes pushed back against the Romans in a battle called Mons Graupius in 83 AD. But who won and did victory last?

The Antonine Wall

The Antonine Wall was built by the Romans between the Firth of Clyde and Firth of Forth. Started in 143AD, it took around ten years to complete. But what was the wall like?

Life in a Roman fort

Forts were camps where Roman soldiers lived. They were often built along the borders of the Roman Empire to help defend it. But what was it like to enter a fort?

Roman gods and beliefs

The Romans believed in a lot of gods and made offerings to them for protection and blessing. But why so many gods?

The final Roman invasion of Scotland

The Romans invaded Caledonia (Scotland) three times. The last time was in 209 AD under Emperor Severus. But why was it their last invasion?

Scotland after the Romans

Although the Romans didn't stay in Caledonia for very long they certainly left their mark, including on what you eat now! But what else did they leave us with?

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