Experiencing music through sound vibrations

Evelyn Glennie is a deaf percussion player who's learned to use her body to 'hear' sounds.

How distance from a sound source affects how loud it will seem

The further you move away from the source of a sound the quieter it seems to become.

How sound can be perceived by people of different ages

A comparison of how a young person and an older person hear sound.

Making sounds with different pitches

Using pieces of string to produce sounds with different pitches.

Playing instruments made of rubbish

The band Weapons of Sound playing instruments made from discarded junk.


An animation that shows us the faster something vibrates, the higher the sound it makes.

Sound and hearing (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips based on the theme of sound and hearing.

Sounds (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips based on the theme of sound.

Sounds made from different types of musical instruments

The three families of musical instruments that can produce sounds through vibration.

Understanding sound

The production of sound by vibrations, including an explanation of amplitude.

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