Make paper fringes - scallops

Scallop fringes add rounded shapes and soft texture to your artwork.

This is the fiddliest of the fringing types but with our top tips and a bit of practice you too can master it!

  • Paper or card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

If you want to rub out your pencil marks you will need a rubber. When putting your piece together you might also need glue*.

*(sticky tape and pva glue can also work)

Decide how long and wide you want your scallop fringe to be and choose your paper

For example, you might cut long, thin scallops for feathers but short, chunky scallops for a bumpy path or scales.

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Try layering scallops to make fish scales or other textures.
Try using scallops to make teeth, fingers and toes or hair.

Using scallops in 3D work

Add tabs to your scallops to make them stand up:

  • One long tab makes a straight scallop fringe

  • Lots of tabs makes a curvy scallop fringe

(For more help with making tabs check out our strip fringing article.)


Folding or curling scallops can create interesting 3D objects.
In this volcano landscape tabbed scallops help to create a 3D space.

Here are a few common problems and how to fix them:

Tip 1

Is your paper tearing?

It can be hard to cut the middle bits between each scallop without tearing the fringe.

Tip: Cut along the straight lines between the scallops and then cut the curves.

Tip 2

Do you have pencil marks?

If you have pencil marks left on your scalloped fringe after you cut it, there are two options:

  • Flip it over to hide the marks (but this is only useful if you won't see the other side)

  • Use a rubber

Tip: If you use a rubber, only rub in one direction: from the paper out to the edges of the fringe.

This will prevent you from creasing or tearing your fringe.

  • You can change the length and width of your scallops to create different looks.

  • You can also add tabs to your scallop fringe to build sturdy 3D forms that keep their shape.

  • For more help with making tabs check out our guide to making strip fringes.

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