Social life in the Welsh chapels

Description of the range of social activities in the chapels of the 19th century.

The decline of the Welsh coal industry in 1927

A pit closes causing suffering and community cohesion.

The Industrial Revolution and Multiculturalism

The Industrial Revolution led to Cardiff docks becoming a multicultural society.

The origins of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg

Early protests of the Welsh Language Society at Aberystwyth and Tryweryn reservoir.

The Temperance Movement

Alcohol during the 19th century led to the rise of the temperance movement.

Thomas Splint

Story of the invention of the splint by Hugh Owen Thomas and its use in World War One.

Unemployment and the Welsh language in 1930s Wales

Threats to the future of the Welsh language from unemployment in the 1920s.

Urdd Gobaith Cymru

The creation of Urdd Gobaith Cymru in the 1920s

Use of the 'Welsh Not'

Reconstruction of the use of the 'Welsh Not' in Welsh classrooms.

Wales and self-government 1997

History of Wales - previous attempts to devolve power to Wales over the years.