Jobs during the First World War

When men went to fight in WWI, women become an essential part of the British workforce.

Lloyd George and Welshness

Early life and his home area in north Wales.

Merchant seamen and Butetown's sacrifice

A look at the Battle of the Atlantic and the role of Butetown during the war.

Merthyr Tydfil's industrial heritage

Footage of Merthyr Tydfil's industrial heritage and its industrial decline.

Mustard gas factory near Mold

Mustard gas development at the Rhydymwyn Valley Works in World War Two.

Official opening of S4C

Official opening of S4C in November 1982.

Peace camp on Greenham Common, 1982

Welsh anti-nuclear movements of the 1980s and the peace camp at Greenham Common.

Penrhyn Lock Out

The story of the three year long, bitter strike at the Penrhyn slate quarry from 1900.

Penrhyn slate quarry

Working conditions of people in the slate industry in Bethesda early in the 20th century.

Politics and Feminism

Women campaigned for decades for the right to participate in British politics.