Coal mining - reasons for using child labour

A look at poverty in Victorian Wales and the use of child labour in the coal industry.

Cymdeithas yr Iaith protests

Welsh language protests against English-only road signs from the 1960s.

David Davies and the Welsh coal industry

Eddie Butler describes the contribution of David Davies to the south Wales coal industry.

Different religions in Tiger Bay 1968

Multicultural nature of Tiger Bay in 1968, as slum housing was cleared.

End of the miners' strike in 1985

End of the miners' strike in Blaengarw in 1985.

Entering the Coal House cottages

First sight of the miners' cottages from 1927, focusing on the lack of amenities.


Equality between men and women hasn't always been as it is today.

Gresford mine disaster

Original BBC radio news reports and archive film from the 1934 Gresford mining disaster.

Gwynfor Evans' hunger strike

Successful end to the campaign for a Welsh language TV channel.

History of the Welsh flag

How was the Welsh flag created and why is there a dragon?