1984 miners' strike in Blaengarw

Events of the 1984 coal strike and its impact on the community of Blaengarw.

A modern slate quarry in Bethesda

Footage of a slate quarry at Bethesda showing non-traditional ways of slate cutting.

Air raids in Swansea

World War Two memories of the Swansea blitz in 1941.

Aneurin Bevan

How Aneurin Bevan prioritised 1950s economic problems over problems with the language.

Campaign for a Welsh TV channel

Reasons behind the threatened hunger strike by Gwynfor Evans in 1980.

Campaign for bilingual road signs in Wales

Welsh Language Society campaign to deface and remove English-only road signs in the 1960s.

Campaign for S4C

Description of the 1970s campaign to push for a Welsh language TV channel.

Causes of the miners' strike 1984-1985

How the causes of the 1984 coal miners' strike were understood in Blaengarw.

Coal mine working conditions in 1927

A reconstruction of coal miners under ground in 1927 cutting coal and filling the dram.

Coal miners - a woman's work

A look at the lives of the miners' wives who were running the family home.