A visit to the allotment

Barnaby Bear meets Katrina at the allotment where she grows fruit and vegetables.

Bicycle maintenance

A lesson about the importance of bicycle maintenance.

Cycling in an Edinburgh park

Members of a local primary school cycle club enjoy a ride around an Edinburgh park.

Cycling safety - choosing a bike and helmet

A bike shop assistant gives advice on safe cycling equipment.

Explanation - wobbly teeth

Children find out why their baby teeth fall out and compare shark teeth to human teeth.

Healthy eating (pt 1/2)

A young boy learns about the negative impact of bad food choices.

Keeping active - training at an athletics track

Barnaby Bear meets paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson at the athletics track.

Learning to cycle safely

Pupils practise safe cycling in the school playground before progressing to quiet roads.

The 'Five a Day' song - eating fruit and vegetables

Barnaby Bear is at a primary school singing a song about eating Five a Day.

The dangers of electricity

The dangers of approaching a powerful source of electricity are demonstrated.