Working as a joiner: Nick's story

Meet Nick and find out about his life as a joiner.

What is your job?

I am a joiner. A joiner builds all sorts of things from wood - it could be a door, a cupboard, a wall or even a roof.

Every day is different depending on the job.

In the morning we first get the tools we need - like chop saws for cutting, measuring tape for checking sizes and marking out. Sometimes we need to go and buy material that we need. We need to communicate to keep clients up to date with what work is happening that day.

A lot of stuff in joinery is a two person job, so it's good to be able to work as part of a team.

Every day you are going to learn and face new challenges. What makes that easier is a positive attitude.

What's the worst part of your job?

The weather does play a big part, especially on your emotional skills. When you're trying to do a job but it's freezing outside all you can do is think about being cold. If it's dark it can affect your work - it's hard being on a roof in the dark! If there's lightning, just try and avoid the roofs!

Every job you do, whether it be a big massive extension or even just hanging a door, you'll always look back and you'll think to yourself I've done that, I'm proud of that.

What inspired you to be a joiner?

I liked the idea of building things with my hands.

What skills does a joiner need?

You might not need skills to begin with but you need to learn how to use your hands. Its even more important to learn how to solve problems.