Working as a nurse: Sarah's story

Meet Sarah and find out about her life working in a hospital as a nurse.

What is your job?

I am a nurse in a busy hospital.

I help people that have come in for an operation and I make sure they are ready. I look after them before they have their operations, and again when they get back so I love seeing the change in people once they are feeling better again.

I don’t do the operations but a nurse's job will vary on different wards and with every patient.

What’s it like to be a nurse?

It can be quite tricky sometimes as we need to help work out what is wrong with somebody, which can be a bit of a puzzle.

I work three days a week most of the time and I work a mixture of days and nights! A lot of coffee and good company in my colleagues is what keeps me going on those long nights.

I have good friends at work and one of my colleagues is my best friend. You need to have close teamwork for the ward to work.

It can be a little bit gruesome sometimes – although I do find it all very interesting so I don’t get squeamish!

How do you become a nurse?

It can take a bit of time to train, my training took three years but you forget about how long it takes as the time flies in and you make lots of friends!

If it’s something you really want to do then it’s worth it!